This is a scheme of an integrated complex of buildings which house education and spiritual area that promote accessibility, and emphasizing a strong dialogue between building and landscape feature throughout the site allocation that takes full advantage of the benefit of light and shade by its form and features.​


Expression of form through exterior and interior layout explains on the cross ventilation across the form axis.  The form itself allows natural ventilation and natural lighting to pass through the interior in order to optimise the electrical usage. The fluidity of the form allow high winds to pass through by breaking it using a concave layout rather than a plane wall that normally will block it.


Implementation of water feature by creating a lake surrounding perimeter of the overall building explains on the process of ventilation that give natural breezes to the building. It cools down the hot air through evaporation, which is suitable for hot and arid climate.


An open plan strategy gives flexibility to the mosque management to conduct different event which have multi usage. This approach also allows user group to move easily and easy access through the building.Vast interior helps user transcend to their spiritual world and give the interior more space to breath and based on this scheme, the vast interior helps on the circulation of air especially on the praying hall.






Sam Kashuk (Victoria University Course Coordinator)

Muhammad Amirruddin Shah (RMIT Assistant Tutor)

Mery Hermita Samosir (RMIT Major Project Student)