This design research is interested in the idea of process based architecture where it challenge the way of designing an architectural outcome, where process determine the form and its spatial quality. 


Land_form project was originally investigate on the idea of landform landscape the scaless form and 


The  crux of the project started on the issue of density in Melbourne CBD.


Extension of Major Project





Leanne Zilka (RMIT Senior Lecturer / zilka studio)

Patrick Macasaet (RMIT Lecturer / superscale studio)




Professor Dr. Martin Hook (Dean, Media and Commnunication)

Kerstin Thompson (Kerstin Thompson Architect)

Stefano Scalzo (Lyons Director)

Simon Linardi (RMIT Tutor)

Simon Whibley (Simon Whibley Architect)

Sean McMachon (Sean McMahon Architect)




Muhammad Amirruddin Shah (RMIT Master Student)

Mery Hermita Samosir (RMIT Master Student)








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