This proposition extremely explores the cultural content of Carlton area in Melbourne whichis well known as ‘Little Italy’ with its rich background of cultural diversity. The proposal offers a solution which engage difference community by providing a common space with out any segregation of religion or races. The proposal combine the 3 main community in Carlton itself which is Italian, Chinese Asian (international students) and Muslim Asylum seeker to create a self beloging feeling towards the site. This can also be breakdown into 3 main belief which is Islam, Christianity and Atheism. Intergration of spaces either public or private is a results of an exquisite moment that joint multiple different spaces together and built a narrative towards the whole building proposal which embrace and welcome any sort of people to the building without any cultural differences. The formal space quality that can be extracted from the proposal is housing, commercial, retail and public spaces.







Neil Appleton (Lyons Director)

Adam Pustola (Lyons Associates)

Sam Hunter (Lyons Architect )

Joshua Morrin (Lyons Architect )




Paul Minife (Director of d_Lab RMIT, Director of MVS Architect)

Dr. Graham Christ (Director of Antartica)

Dr. Carey Lyons (Director of Lyons Architects)

Michelle Hamer (RMIT Lecturer)




Muhammad Amirruddin Shah (RMIT Master Student)

Faizal Muhammad (RMIT Bachelor Student)

Sunny Cheng (RMIT Master Student)