'Welcome to Newman' is Masters of Architecture Design Studio. The studio presented hypothetical competition bids by an imagined partnership between renowned historical figures of Australian Architecture Geoffrey Howlett and Iwan Iwannof, for the proposed ‘new’ mining town of Newman in the Pilbara Western Australia in 1965.


This proposal speculates the future development of Newman, Western Australia with the influences of late architects Iwan Iwanoff and Geoffrey Howlet by extracting the pure compound of their artistic style. Iteration of architectural style was implemented using raw material that can be found in the site. The final product explonentially remerged as a collosol development which creates a hub for FI-FO environment, and could also enhance the life style of this mining town.







Emma Jackson (Emma Jackson Architect)




Dr. Michael Spooner (RMIT Lecturer)

Peter Brew (RMIT Associate Lecturer)

Simon Drysdale (Simon Drysdale Architect)

Dan Whelan (Denton Dorker Marshall Architect)




Muhammad Amirruddin Shah (RMIT Master Student)

Trent Baker (RMIT Bachelor Student)