Managing Director / Lead Researcher

Re-Defining Architectural terminology in an Emergent Era where multi-discipline should take place between all industry i.e Arts, Technology, Craft, Material and even Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

Curiosity have striven me to what I believe today is nor longer sufficient if an Architect act to follow the traditional methodology in design principle. One should be eager of knowledge and passion in exploring new territorial which enhance our daily routine.

"Architecture is not just a Money Making Profession where soulless, monotonous, Ctrl C + Ctrl V project are created. One should be sensitive and explorative in making decision.'

Cross discipline should take place in every design, similar as biological pollination where differential outcome occur in every process and that's the beauty of it.

{ Master in Architecture (M.Arch)(PartII / LAM II  / RIBA II / AIA II / CAA ) ,

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne , Australia }


{ Bachelor in Science Architecture (B.Arch) (Part I / RIBA I / LAM I ) ,

University Technology MARA (UiTM) , Shah Alam, Malaysia }







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