The d___ Lab is calling for expressions of interest to design and construct two freestanding,  internal Meeting Pavilions (MeetPavs), to be located within RMIT buildings.  RMIT Property  Services has provided some funds to pay for design and construction of these rooms.  The  MeetPavs are to be similar in scale and scope to the existing FabPod on Level 10 of the Design Hub.





Pleat Pod is a competition won by ZILKA Studio for the design and construction of a flexible meeting room to be deployed in open plan offices. The prototype will demonstrate an colourful meeting space that can be folded away when not required so that open plan spaces can be utilised without the interference of permanent spaces. The exterior and interior are constructed of acoustic felt material. The interior will also have glow fabric inserts that will be activated when the lights are out providing ambient light while presentations are occuring in the pod. The fabrication of the pod will occur at RMIT University using advance manufacturing technologies in architecture and textile design





Leanne Zilka (RMIT Senior Architecture & Design)

Dr. Jenny Underwoods (RMIT Fashion & Textile)

Muhammad Amirruddin Shah ( RMIT Assistant Tutor)

Mery Hermita Samosir (RMIT Major Project Student)




Brian Su (RMIT Graduate Student)

Bing Jie Chang (RMIT Master Student)

Voon Jane (RMIT Bachelor Student)




Dr. Jane Burry (RMIT SIAL)

Nicholas William (RMIT SIAL )

Pantea Alambeigi (RMIT SIAL)

Peter Brew (RMIT Architecture Assisiate Lecturer)

John Cherry RMIT Design Research Institute)

Dharman Gersch (RMIT Workshop)

Matty Fuller (RMIT Workshop)




Richard Blythe (Dean, A&D)

Mauro Barraco (Deputy Dean Landscape)

Vivian Mitsogianni (Deputy Dean Architecture)

Soumitri Varadarajan (Deputy Dean Industrial & Interior)

Paul Minifie (d___ Lab. Director)

Michael Trudgeon (Design Professor)

Carey Lyon (Design Professor)

RMIT Property Services Representative




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