AaBios is an experimental architectural generative design and research compilation that challenge architectural conventional design and built environment. AaBios is based on computer generated design process which uses different design tools and methodologies through biological and scientific input as design generator. 


AaBios is at it infant stage in autonomous architecture where is was establish in late year 2014 for experimentation in generative  architecture which leans on  the idea of self-awareness through digital computerization and algorithm for future design methodologies. AaBios is also a manisfestation of several agenda in form of research based trajectory. 



Generative design | Experimentation of design using ComputerAided Design (CAD) 


Robotic | Engaging megatronic world into architecture by using Arduino board

Fabrication | Connecting the existing industries in developing new type of fabrication which enhance a better life for certain user group

Generative Design | A function follow FORM architecture which required iteration and research

Virtual Reality | Virtual reality is a whole new scope in architecture, just imagine you can be inside a person thought 

Process Based | Invent a formula as a driver towards a particular outcome