What happens in Newman, doesn’t only stay in Newman but word spread all around the globe,

Where in the hot and arid desert, vast view of terrain makes people delusional,

A look of mirage form far, uncaptured eyes passing through its scales and empowering beauty,

Which symbolise hope and desire,

As it rapture the sky from it place, with form beyond scheme,

Exposing the nature with nurture without disturbing its natural beauty and imperfection,

Like a jewellery treasure, which not seen form a far,

But the treasure lies beneath the boundaries of commonness,

Beauty hidden by nature through camouflage, seeking

attention by its form,

As light which bring despair into hope and bringing hope into happiness,

Exploring the eyes with different lens in viewing the world as it was,

Creating an enclosure for secure and privacy, exposing

the boundaries that were never given before,

Space where exploration came and adventure came alive,

Where people gathered together and challenging the true norms,

Where stress and boredom were nor longer a


Beauty through imperfection,

Capsulate rather than expose,

Endless exploration of oneself through different layer and


Gathered people near and far,

Rather than being a history, it’s better to make it as a


Moments captured changes through space and


A social network sprawling it way through,

avoiding the emptiness of space,

Without force and disturbance,

Where simple step which leads towards a bigger and

better life,





Emma Jackson (Emma Jackson Architect)




Dr. Michael Spooner  (RMIT Associate Lecturer)

Peter Brew ( RMIT Associate Lecturer)