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Winner of ARCHIDEX Future City 2022 and ArchiTalent 2022

By Iman Yasmin  |  JULY 26, 2022 


AABIOS Group ARCHIDEX Future City 2022 Winner First Prize Aiman Yusuf Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah Hidayah Rosli

Winners for ARCHIDEX Future City 2022 held at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

First Prize Winner of ARCHIDEX Future City Competition 2022 | Shorescape 2135


A triumphant lecturer and two accomplished postgraduate students have captured the coveted grand prize in the ARCHIDEX Future City Ideas Competition 2022. Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah Ahmad Nizam, an astute Master's graduate in Architecture from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), joined forces with students Aiman Yusuf and Hidayah Rosli, final year Masters in Architecture scholars at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). This dedicated trio's groundbreaking work not only earned them the grand prize but also a prestigious certificate in recognition of their remarkable achievement.

​Their visionary proposal delves beyond conventional design, emphasizing the intricate process leading to the future's creative outcome. Instead of a mere design bubble diagram, their approach incorporates the essence of AI machine learning and human consciousness, elevating the project's uniqueness.


The winning concept named "Tokyo Schorescape 2135," transcends the boundaries of contemporary imagination. This visionary design envisions a futuristic city where cutting edge technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, synergizes with human consciousness. However, their innovative pursuit isn't confined to a single vision; it encompasses the dynamic evolution of an entire futuristic urban landscape.

AABIOS Group ARCHIDEX Future City 2022 Winner First Prize Aiman Yusuf Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah Hidayah Rosli

First Prize Winner for Archidex Future City 2022, Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah with Aiman Yusuf and Hidayah Rosli

Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah, now a distinguished UiTM lecturer and AABIOS Group Managing Director, elucidated, "Our creation serves as a testbed for the amalgamation of advanced technologies and human consciousness in shaping a futuristic city." He emphasized that their prototype "Tokyo Schorescape 2135" is far from a static conclusion but a catalyst that paves the way for what the future cityscape might encompass.


The journey to this groundbreaking achievement involved harnessing the potential of advanced digital tools in computational design. Immense unwavering determination, the team meticulously curated 160 design iterations, delving deep into the boundless possibilities that the future holds for urban architecture. Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah articulated, "The Tokyo Shorescape 2135 prototype is merely a stepping stone, a precursor to what the potential future city could manifest." Their success not only redefines the limits of architectural innovation but also marks the inception of a new era in urban development.

AABIOS Group ARCHIDEX Future City 2022 Winner First Prize Aiman Yusuf Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah Hidayah Rosli

'Tokyo Schorescape 2135' Project by Aiman Yusuf and Hidayah Rosli exhibition at ARCHIDEX 2022

AABIOS Group ARCHIDEX Future City 2022 Winner First Prize Aiman Yusuf Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah Hidayah Rosli Tokyo Shorescape 2135

Tokyo Shorescape 2135 Eye view Illustration through the process of computational design

The path to this remarkable achievement was illuminated by the utilization of advanced digital tools, specifically harnessed within the realm of computational design. In a realm where precision meets innovation, computational design stands as the bridge between human ingenuity and the possibilities presented by cutting edge technology.

Aiman Yusuf and Hidayah Rosli embarked on a journey of exploration through computational design, a process that involves developing and employing algorithms to generate design solutions. This synergy between human creativity and algorithmic intelligence facilitates the exploration of numerous design iterations, each meticulously informed by intricate algorithms.

AABIOS Group ARCHIDEX Future City 2022 Winner First Prize Aiman Yusuf Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah Hidayah Rosli Iteration Computational Design Tokyo Shorescape 2135

Computational Design process using algorithm in generating iteration for Tokyo Shorescape 2135

In the case of "Tokyo Schorescape 2135," the team curated an astonishing 160 design iterations. These iterations, each unique in its configuration and concept, delved deep into the intricate web of possibilities that the future envisions for urban architecture. The algorithms served as guiding beacons, directing the design process along paths uncharted, unfurling novel compositions that were enriched by the amalgamation of artificial intelligence and human ideation.

The marriage of computational design and human creativity transcends the conventional constraints of architectural exploration. It empowers designers to push boundaries, dissecting and reassembling ideas with unprecedented precision. Algorithms, informed by data and conceptual input, unveil design permutations that might have remained hidden in the vast expanse of possibilities.

In essence, the team's unwavering dedication to computational design allowed them to extract the fullest potential from their innovative concepts. Each iteration became a stepping stone, an incremental progression toward a visionary urban landscape. The algorithms acted as co-creators, expanding the horizons of imagination and revealing the tapestry of possibilities woven into the future fabric of urban architecture.

AABIOS Group ARCHIDEX Future City 2022 Architalent Winner First Prize Aiman Yusuf Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah Hidayah Rosli Iteration Computational Design

Achievement for ARCHITalent 2022 organized by ARCHIDEX by Aiman Yusuf and Hidayah Rosli from UiTM

The Matriarch | A Visionary Triumph in ARCHIDEX Architalent 2022

The accolades continue to pour in as our remarkable journey secures the 2nd runner up position and Special Prize for Best Presenter in the prestigious ARCHIDEX Architalent 2022 4th Architecture Students Design Competition in Malaysia.


Aiman Yusuf and Hidayah Rosli as Final Semester students for their Master in Architecture and Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah as their supervisor project, aptly named "Matriarch," resonates deeply as it signifies a woman's role as the head of a family or tribe. In a narrative akin to a mother nurturing her small family, we envision a scenario where she triumphs amidst challenging conditions, leading to the creation of an independent society.

At the heart of our triumph stands the symbolic structure built by the Matriarch herself. Just as a mother nurtures her small family, this building embodies the spirit of nurture and independence. However, as the vision expands and the population grows, the transformation from building to city unfolds. It is the organic evolution driven by the increasing populace that paves the path towards a thriving urban landscape.

Imagine the Matriarch, the figurehead, leading her kin towards an independent society in the face of adversity. Much like a mother's unwavering strength, her vision becomes the catalyst for progress. The architectural manifestation of her determination, the building, becomes the nucleus of a transformative journey. It is a journey that mirrors the essence of nurturing, resilience, and evolution.

In this narrative, the building transcends its physical form. It symbolizes the resilience of the human spirit, the power of determination, and the embodiment of a nurturing force. As the population flourishes, the building burgeons into a cityscape, a collective manifestation of ambition and progress.

"Matriarch" stands as an embodiment of resilience, independence, and the journey from singular beginnings to collective achievement. This recognition as the 2nd runner up in ARCHIDEX Architalent 2022 only deepens our commitment to fostering narratives that intertwine architecture with human narratives, inspiring a future where innovation and vision shape the urban landscape.


AABIOS Group ARCHIDEX Future City 2022 Architalent Winner First Prize Aiman Yusuf Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah Hidayah Rosli Iteration Computational Design

Process of The Matriarch: Giving Birth to Life from Phase One until Final Phase proposed by Aiman Yusuf and Hidayah Rosli

The narrative of "Matriarch" unfolds through a series of transformative phases, each emblematic of growth, strength, and progress.

Phase One The Matriarch emerges as a swarm of autonomous builders, rolling out to designated locations. This initial phase mirrors the journey of a determined mother, laying the groundwork for her family's future.

Phase Two The swarm gains strength, fortifying their foundation. Like the resilient core of a nurturing figure, this phase signifies a steady strengthening of purpose.

Phase Three The circular main frame and worker pods take center stage, initiating construction. This phase mirrors the nurturing embrace, where the Matriarch's vision takes tangible form.

Phase Four As the construction commences, the Matriarch constructs according to her vision, steadily growing in height and influence. This phase symbolizes her unwavering dedication to progress.

Phase Five Inhabitants start residing in the building while construction is underway. Much like a mother tending to her family's needs, life thrives within the evolving structure.

Final Phase A profound transformation unfolds as the Matriarch relinquishes the ecosystem. This act, akin to a mother giving birth to new life, signifies the culmination of her journey and the emergence of a vibrant new chapter.

The journey of "Matriarch" echoes the narrative of human evolution, resilience, and progress. It encapsulates the essence of growth, nurturing, and transformation, echoing the journey of a mother leading her family towards an independent, thriving existence. Just as the phases of life unfold, so do the phases of "Matriarch," marking a resounding narrative of architectural innovation intertwined with the human experience.

AABIOS Group ARCHIDEX Future City 2022 Architalent Winner First Prize Aiman Yusuf Ts Muhammad Amirruddin Shah Hidayah Rosli Iteration Computational Design

Panoramic illustration for The Matriarch 

In a landscape increasingly defined by big data and artificial intelligence, we find ourselves on the cusp of a transformative era, moving inexorably towards the concept of singularity. As machines evolve into alpha decision-makers, the realm of artificial intelligence advances to the point where human consciousness takes the role of control, the omega.

Top Image Illustrating the overseeing operator monitoring ongoing operations and ensuring the integrity of Matriarch's machineries.

Middle Image Depicting automation emerging as the backbone of labor during fabrication, minimizing human error, and gathering data during construction for both development and casualty reduction.

Bottom Image Highlighting the continued relevance of human intervention in Matriarch's operations. Construction workers don portable exosuits, enhancing safety, minimizing burdens, and evolving into a workforce proficient not only in construction but also as technicians. Thus, Matriarch's expansion mirrors societal evolution, transitioning from a family to a tribe, where regulations and rules metamorphose into a cultural fabric for inhabitants.

As architects and future designers, we ponder the potential epicenter of a culture that nurtures and expands its influence. As we venture towards 2100 and beyond, the horizon appears to unveil self generating cities, akin to families flourishing into tribes. Where the Matriarch traverses, life blossoms. The journey encapsulates the essence of evolution and technological coalescence. With AI as the navigator and human consciousness as the compass, we advance towards a future where cultures, cities, and civilizations unfold harmoniously, nurtured by innovation and sustained by the synergy of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

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