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Reshaping Corporate Identity

through Designer's Lens

By Amirruddin Shah  |  SEPT 20, 2022 


AABIOS Group SALIHIN Group Design and Build Renovation Corporate Office

Waiting area at SALIHIN Headquarters (HQ) at Gombak, Selangor

Reshaping Identity through a Designer's Lens | A Transformative Journey for SALIHIN Group


In the fast paced landscape of modern business, the essence of a company's identity lies not only in its financial prowess but also in its visual representation. Recognizing SALIHIN Group, a distinguished Chartered accountant firm in Malaysia, has embarked on a transformative journey to reshape its identity through the discerning eyes of AABIOS Designers.

The process of rebranding goes beyond mere aesthetics which explore into the very core of a company's essence. From revamping the ambience to refining the color palette, every design element plays a pivotal role in crafting a cohesive narrative. AABIOS Designer's lens focuses on creating an image that is not only visually appealing but also aligns seamlessly with SALIIHIN Group's mission to provide exceptional financial services and corporate image. This process of transformation is about distilling complex financial concepts into a visual form that is approachable and engaging.

By partnering with AABIOS Designers, SALIHIN Group is navigating this evolution with finesse. Our designers' ability to interpret and translate the essence of the Group into visuals is a testament to the collaboration between creative minds and financial expertise. Through this partnership, the Group is establishing an identity that is not just a logo but a representation of its commitment to innovation, accuracy, and client centric service.

AABIOS Group AABIOS Design SALIHIN Group Design and Build Renovation reception area company identity

SALIHIN Group reception area with custom gold suspended lighting and marble counter resemble its company identity

Transforming SALIHIN Group Entrance with Elegance

The entrance area of SALIHIN Group has undergone a remarkable transformation, redefining the concept of a welcoming reception and boasts an air of elegance that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. At the heart of this redesign lies a reception counter that exudes sophistication and charm. Covered with opulent gold pendant lighting that casts a warm and inviting glow, the counter becomes a captivating focal point. This lighting not only adds a touch of luxury but also illuminates the Group's commitment to excellence. Paired with a pristine marble surface, the reception counter strikes a harmonious balance between lavish aesthetics and professional functionality, setting the tone for the Group's professionalism and also envelops them in an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

AABIOS Group AABIOS Design Artificial Greenwall SALIHIN Group Design and Build renovation

Artificial Greenwall area at the entrance of SALIHIN Corporate Centre at Felda Tower 

The Greenwall Oasis at SALIHIN Group Felda Tower 

SALIHIN Group's Corporate Centre entrance at the iconic Felda Tower has undergone a captivating transformation, where nature's beauty meets corporate elegance. A striking artificial greenwall, resplendent with lush foliage, graces the entrance area, creating an inviting oasis of tranquility. This unique feature not only adds a touch of serenity but also aligns with SALIHIN Group's commitment to innovation and aesthetics. Set against this backdrop of nature's splendor, the gold Salihin logo stands as a radiant emblem of the Group's identity and values, glistening like a beacon of excellence. This immersive interplay of nature and design not only creates an inviting ambiance but also leaves a lasting imprint, showcasing SALIHIN Group's ability to seamlessly integrate nature inspired aesthetics with its corporate identity. As clients, partners, and visitors step into this transformative space, they are greeted not only by the warm embrace of the greenwall but also by the Group's unwavering dedication to innovation, elegance, and the art of making a remarkable first impression.

AABIOS Group AABIOS Design SALIHIN Group Design and Build Renovation Golden Arches

Golden Arches that act as a separator of spaces between lobby and collaboration space at SALIHIN Headquarters

Golden Arches as Separator of Spaces

Glistening gold arches stand as elegant guardians, delineating the transition between SALIHIN Group's Headquarters (HQ) inviting lobby and its dynamic collaborative space. Crafted with finesse, these golden arches evoke a sense of grandeur while embodying the Group's commitment to excellence. The glass separation, adorned with a touch of sophistication, fosters a seamless visual connection between the spaces, allowing light to penetration freely and conversations to flow. This design harmony not only enhances the aesthetic allure but also reflects the Group's ethos of bridging professionalism with modernity, creating an environment where first impressions harmoniously coalesce with the collaborative spirit of the Group.

AABIOS Group AABIOS Design SALIHIN Group Design and Build Renovation Shared Spaces

SALIHIN Group collaborative space at SALIHIN Headquarters which shows robustness in its functionality

Collaborative Space at SALIHIN Headquarters

At the center of SALIHIN Headquarters lies a dynamic collaborative space designed to elevate interaction and innovation amongst its personel. This detail extraction by AABIOS Designer crafted environment boasts robust functionality, serving as a nexus for creative exchange and teamwork. Round benches, strategically positioned, beckon conversations and idea sharing, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among team members. Complemented by an open pantry area, this space encourages impromptu discussions, idea brainstorming, and moments of relaxation. This harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, SALIHIN Group's collaborative space embodies the essence of synergy, providing a platform where expertise and ideas converge seamlessly for the greater advancement of the Group's mission and its commitment to excellence. The concept of mobile workspace can be seen in the layout itself.

AABIOS Group AABIOS Design SALIHIN Group Gombak Design and Build Renovation Corporate Office Pantry Renovation

 Spacious open pantry with bar area that act as a serving area during SALIHIN events

Open Pantry as a Refresher

Nestled within the vibrant collaborative space of SALIHIN Headquarters, the open pantry beckons with its spacious allure, seamlessly merging functionality with a sense of community. Designed to be a respite for team members, this inviting space offers ample room for relaxation and socialization. Notably, its bar area takes on a dual role, transforming into a hospitable serving zone during SALIHIN events, where conversations and connections come alive. AABIOS Designer carefully develop a strategic positioning, whereby the open pantry creates a visual and accessible link from the collaborative space, allowing team members to effortlessly transition from brainstorming sessions to moments of rejuvenation. This cohesive design ethos underscores SALIHIN Group's dedication to fostering both productive interactions and a welcoming environment, where the rhythm of work harmoniously mingles with the cadence of shared experiences.

A central feature of this synergy driven environment, the open pantry fosters a sense of community within the collaborative space. Its harmonious connection to the adjacent collaborative area encourages the free flow of ideas and interactions, embodying SALIHIN Group's commitment to creating a workspace that not only fuels productivity but also nurtures a strong sense of togetherness. As team members gather around the bar area during events, they engage in both fruitful conversations and the exchange of camaraderie, reflecting the Group's dedication to fostering an environment where work and shared experiences coalesce in perfect harmony.

AABIOS Group AABIOS Design SALIHIN Group Design and Build Renovation Corporate Office Collaborative Space

Formal and informal discussion area for exchanges of ideas and collaboration at SALIHIN Headquarters

Extending the collaborative space, multiple discussion area takes shape beneath the embrace of transparent glass panels, fostering sound privacy while maintaining a sense of openness. This dedicated enclave offers a conducive setting for focused conversations, bolstered by the inclusion of a visual screen. Thoughtfully designed to accommodate the existing air conditioning system, this space seamlessly integrates technology and comfort, providing an ideal spot for productive discussions and collaborative brainstorming sessions.

AABIOS Group AABIOS Design Design and Build Renovation Artificial Greenwall  Corporate Rebranding

Round Bench with Artificial Plants at Collaborative Space

Round Bench for Discussion and Collaboration


A distinctive element within the collaborative space is the padded round bench, ingeniously designed to marry functionality with aesthetics. Its circular form not only encourages fluid interactions but also harbors an inner planter box, adorned with crafted placement of artificial plants. This infusion of greenery adds a touch of nature to the environment, promoting a sense of tranquility amid the bustling workspace. Moreover, the bench is subtly enhanced by gold wall lighting, casting a warm and inviting glow that harmonizes with the overall ambiance. This thoughtful amalgamation of design elements creates an inviting corner for creative exchanges and dynamic discussions, where innovation blooms alongside the artificial plants and the golden hues of illumination.

AABIOS Group AABIOS Design Design and Build Renovation Corporate Rebranding SALIHIN Group

SALIHIN Group Headquarters (HQ) Exterior Signage at Gombak, Selangor

Exterior Transformation form Old to New

The exterior of SALIHIN Headquarters has undergone a striking transformation by AABIOS team, embracing a sophisticated blend of materials and design elements. The walls now exude elegance with a marble pattern finish, imbuing the building with a sense of timelessness and grandeur. Interwoven with this luxurious backdrop, golden elements accentuate the architectural features, adding a touch of opulence and visual allure. This captivating fusion of marble like walls and golden accents not only redefines the building's aesthetics but also stands as a testament to SALIHIN Group's commitment to excellence and the art of making a commanding first impression.

As the transformative journey draws to a close, the importance of corporate identity emerges as a guiding beacon. The meticulous interplay of design and vision undertaken by SALIHIN Group reflects a profound understanding of the role identity plays in leaving an indelible mark. This evolution encapsulates not only the Group's commitment to progress but also its reverence for its core values. The harmonious dance between design and identity signifies a culmination where every element has been orchestrated to resonate with the essence of SALIHIN Group. In a world defined by visuals and impressions, this journey serves as a reminder that corporate identity is the canvas upon which a legacy is painted, an intricate masterpiece that continues to shape perceptions and inspire excellence.

AABIOS Group SALIHIN Group Design and Build Renovation Corporate Rebranding
AABIOS Group SALIHIN Group Design and Build Renovation Corporate Rebranding
AABIOS Group SALIHIN Group Design and Build Renovation Corporate Rebranding
AABIOS Group SALIHIN Group Design and Build Renovation Corporate Rebranding
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