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From Design to Care | Dental

Clinic Design and Build Journey

By Amirruddin Shah  |  DEC 31, 2022 


AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation

Kids area at Bayu Dental Clinic Bangi, Selangor

Schematic Phase | Starting Point in Designing for Dental Clinics


Starting point of designing an intricate tapestry of crafting exceptional dental clinics, a pivotal stage emerges  which start with design Schematic Phase. This phase is highly significance in understanding the design that lay the very foundation of the clinic's transformation where site measurement, site visits, and collaborative discussions take place in intertwine to shape the desired clinic's.

Crucially, the schematic phase thrives on collaborative discussions that weave diverse perspectives into a unified narrative. AABIOS designers together with dental professionals converge to share insights, align visions, and pool innovative ideas. This harmonious exchange ensures that the clinic's layout especially align with UKAPS requirements, flow, and functional dynamics cater harmoniously to both practitioners and patients. 

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build Renovation

Bayu Dental Clinic, Bangi Site Visit and Site Measurement during Schematic Design Phase

Schematic Phase | Site Visit and Compliance

The significance of site visits and measurements in dental clinic design lies in their ability to bridge creativity with reality. Site visits offer firsthand insights into the physical space, allowing AABIOS designers to envision how natural light, spatial dynamics, and existing structures interact. This informs practical decisions, ensuring that the clinic's design harmonizes with its surroundings. On the other hand, site measurements provide the foundation for precise planning. Every measurement becomes a building block for the clinic's layout, optimizing space and enabling ergonomic arrangements of equipment and treatment areas. Together, these stages ensure that a dental clinic not only meets the demands of design but also integrates seamlessly with its physical context, fostering an environment of functionality and aesthetics.

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation UKAPS

Sample of UKAPS drawing for Bayu Dental Clinic in accordance to Client design brief and UKAPS requirements

Schematic Phase | UKAPS Compliance

The proposed design layout for the dental clinic is strategically crafted to align with the stringent requirements of UKAPS (Unit Kawalan Amalan Perubatan Swasta) regulations. Embracing a meticulous approach, the layout meticulously adheres to the prescribed space allowances, ensuring ample room for dental srugery areas, waiting zones, and essential circulation pathways. By meticulously integrating the UKAPS guidelines into the design, the clinic not only meets regulatory standards but also ensures a seamless patient experience and optimal workflow for dental practitioners.

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation 3D illustration
AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation 3D illustration
AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation 3D illustration
AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation 3D illustration

AABIOS Design Team illustration for Bayu Dental Clinic, Bangi based on UKAPS drawings and Client design brief

Design Development | Imagine Dreams

Continuing from the Schematic Phase, the design development stage takes center stage in the creation of a clinic, with a specific focus on adhering to the guidelines outlined by UKAPS (Unit Kawalan Amalan Perubatan Swasta). This phase is crucial, wherein the approved UKAPS Submission drawings, meticulously crafted by AABIOS designer and submitted by the clinic practitioners, come to life in three dimensional splendor. Through the art of 3D illustration, the clinic's design matures from conceptual sketches into a vivid, immersive representation, intricately mirroring the practitioner's envisioned layout.


This process not only showcases the spatial intricacies and circulation patterns but also vividly conveys the ambiance that patients will encounter. Seamlessly integrating the UKAPS stipulations into this visual journey ensures that the clinic transcends mere compliance, becoming a harmonious blend of regulatory adherence, design innovation, and a patient centric environment.

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation Discussion Chef Wan

Design presentation with Bayu Dental Drs as Client for feedbacks and approval with Bill of Quantities (BQ)

Design Development Phase | Designing Dream, Together

During the presentation of the 3D illustration with the dental practitioner , where design and collaboration harmonize, we embrace our motto "Designing Dreams Together" at AABIOS. As we unveil the immersive visualization of the envisioned clinic, Clients become active participants in a journey that transcends traditional presentations. This dynamic experience not only showcases the spatial intricacies and ambiance but also invites invaluable feedback. Clients' insights serve as guiding stars, steering our design towards perfection. Their engagement in this dialogue transforms the 3D illustration into a canvas for shared aspirations, ensuring that every detail resonates harmoniously with their vision. Through our motto, we craft not just a clinic but an embodiment of dreams, enriched by collaborative expertise and the artistry of design.

Contract Documentation Phase | Bill of Quantities (BQ), Dollar and Cents

After the captivating 3D illustration presentation, our collaboration at AABIOS seamlessly transitions into the formulation of a comprehensive Bill of Quantities (BQ). Drawing from the insights offered by the 3D representation, the BQ refines the project's intricacies. Every element showcased in the 3D visualization finds its quantitative reflection in the BQ. This process involves meticulous measurement and quantification, aligning each aspect with our Client's vision and industry standards. The BQ stands as a cornerstone for accurate cost estimation, tendering, and project management, ensuring that each component contributes harmoniously to the ultimate realization of the envisioned clinic. At AABIOS, the journey from 3D visualization to BQ embodies our commitment to crafting dreams together with precision and collaborative spirit.

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation Images

Site Drawings and Illustration for reference during construction by AABIOS Builders

Contract Implementation and Management Phase | The Commencement of Construction

Entering the Contract Implementation and Management Phase, we shift our focus to the commencement of construction activities for the dental clinic project, a crucial step following the detailed Contract Documentation, including the creation of the Bill of Quantities (BQ). This phase marks the transition from plans on paper to tangible progress on site.

At this juncture, construction activities kick off based on the meticulously outlined design specifications and BQ details. The BQ acts as our compass, ensuring that every element, from materials to spatial configurations, is brought to life in precise accordance with the design team's vision and project requirements. The specifications within the BQ guide AABIOS Builders and sub-contractors and suppliers, ensuring that the materials used, workmanship, and construction methods align seamlessly with the intended design and quality standards.

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation Site Works

Drywall @ Partition wall with curved arch in accordance to design specification

Furthermore, this phase emphasizes effective contract management to ensure that the construction process unfolds smoothly. AABIOS Builders Site supervisor will oversee the project's progress, liaising with various sub trade  track timelines, and monitor quality assurance. Regular site visits and progress reports are integral, allowing for real time evaluation and immediate resolution of any deviations or challenges that may arise.

By seamlessly integrating the BQ into the construction process and maintaining stringent contract management practices, we ensure that the construction works are not only in alignment with the design team's specifications but also uphold the envisioned quality and standards. This phase reflects our commitment to translating design excellence into tangible construction outcomes, where precision, coordination, and dedication converge to shape the dental clinic of your aspirations.

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation Material Selection

AABIOS  Design material selection during site visit in getting better view with existing lightings

Contract Implementation and Management Phase | On Site Material Selection and Confirmation

Material selection during the construction phase is a dynamic process that bridges design aspirations with practical realities. As construction unfolds, the on site assessment of chosen materials ensures they align not only with design specifications but also with site conditions and construction timelines. This collaborative approach, involving AABIOS Designer, AABIOS Builders Site Supervisor, sub contractors, and suppliers, guarantees that materials are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally suitable and compatible with the evolving construction environment. This seamless integration underscores the importance of adaptability and effective collaboration as the project transforms from concept to reality on site.

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation Defects Checking UKAPS

AABIOS Design Team checking for defects Testing and Commissioning (T&C)

Contract Implementation and Management Phase | Site Checking for Quality Assurance

The significance of thorough site checks before project handover cannot be overstated. This critical phase involves meticulous inspections to identify any defects, discrepancies, or issues that might have arisen during the construction process. By conducting these checks, potential problems are detected early, allowing for timely rectification and ensuring that the final product meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. Site inspections by AABIOS Design team provide an opportunity to address concerns comprehensively, guaranteeing that the project is handed over to clients in its optimal state. This proactive approach not only minimizes post handover disruptions but also underscores our commitment to delivering a finished product that aligns precisely with our clients' expectations and industry standards.

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build  Kids Area Renovation UKAPS

Placement of loose furniture and loose decoration at Bayu Dental Clinic, Bangi Treatment Room

Tips | Decoration items and Loose furniture

The decoration process involving loose furniture and final touches after project completion holds immense importance in transforming a space into a vibrant and functional environment. Once the construction phase concludes, the integration of loose furniture, furnishings, and decorative elements takes center stage. This process involves selecting and placing furniture, fixtures, lighting, and decor items that align with the design concept and enhance the overall ambiance. Each piece is strategically positioned to optimize functionality, aesthetics, and flow within the space with AABIOS Designer input and assistance. This phase not only adds personality and character to the environment but also ensures that the design vision is fully realized. The attention to detail during this process results in a harmonious and inviting space that reflects the project's essence while providing a welcoming atmosphere for occupants and visitors alike.

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build Renovation Pink Dental
AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build Renovation Pink Dental
AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build Renovation Pink Dental
AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Design and Build Renovation Pink Dental

Video of overall Dental Clinic tour. Enjoy!

Final Completion Stage | Handover 

The Final Completion process is the culminating phase of a construction project, marking the transition from construction to the official handover of the completed space. This phase entails a comprehensive assessment to ensure that all aspects of the project align with the initial design, client requirements, and industry standards. The process encompasses thorough inspections and tests to identify any remaining defects, deviations, or deficiencies. Once identified, these issues are rectified, ensuring that the final product meets the highest levels of quality, safety, and functionality. Documentation, including As-built drawings and manuals, is compiled to provide a comprehensive record of the project's execution. The final completion process is the ultimate validation that the project has been executed to the fullest extent of its design intent, setting the stage for a successful handover to the client and the project's transition into its intended use.

Wishing you the best of luck as you embark on the exciting journey of opening up your dental clinic!

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