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Dental Project Kick Off Crafting Smiles and Transforming Spaces

By Iman Yasmin  |  AUG 15, 2023 


AABIOS Design Dental Clinic Renovationa Design and Build Myra Malik Dental

3D illustration of reception area for Myra Malik Dental Clinic, Bangi

In the realm of design and construction, a new endeavor is set to unfold where a Dental Project that not only promises to create functional spaces but also aims to craft smiles and transform environments. This Dental Project Kick Off marks the commencement of a journey that merges aesthetics, functionality, and the art of dentistry into a harmonious symphony.

The significance of dental spaces goes beyond mere functionality which it extends to the wellbeing and comfort of patients. As the Dental Project embarks on this transformative endeavor, the goal is clear, to create spaces that resonate with tranquility, evoke a sense of ease, and instill confidence in every visitor. The project focus on crafting smiles goes beyond the practice of dentistry itself. It delves into the emotional aspect of a visit to the dentist. A realm where the interiors and ambiance play a pivotal role in shaping the overall experience. From calming waiting areas to treatment rooms bathed in natural light, every element is meticulously designed to alleviate anxiety and create a soothing atmosphere.

AABIOS Design Dental Clinic Renovationa Design and Build Myra Malik Dental Clinic Dental Surgery Room
AABIOS Design Dental Clinic Renovationa Design and Build Myra Malik kids area

3D Kids Area at Myra Malik Dental Clinic, Bangi

3D Dental Surgery Room at Myra Malik Dental Clinic

Transformation is at the core of this project which not only will it redefine the physical spaces, but it also aims to redefine perceptions. The Dental Project Kick Off signifies a departure from conventional dental clinics, ushering in an era where the integration of design and dentistry creates an environment that is as inviting as it is advanced. Elevate the dental experience by seamlessly integrating a Kids Area, providing a conducive and engaging play space within the waiting area as can be seen in our project for Myra Malik Dental Clinic, Bangi.

The amalgamation of smiles and spaces requires a delicate balance in which balance that is achieved through collaboration between dental practitioners, AABIOS designers, and AABIOS builders. The Dental Project Kick Off process serves as a testimony to the power of interdisciplinary synergy, where each stakeholder's expertise harmonizes to shape spaces that not only meet functional requirements but also elevate the human experience.

AABIOS Design Dental Clinic Renovation Design and Build Medicap Dental Clinic

3D illustration of Reception for MEDICAP Dental Clinic, Puchong

As the project unfolds, it invites us to reflect on the profound impact that design and architecture have on our daily lives. Dental spaces, traditionally associated with clinical environments, now have the opportunity to redefine their narrative. They can become spaces of empowerment, spaces where smiles are nurtured, and spaces that inspire a positive outlook on oral health. As shown in our project at MEDICAP Dental Clinic, Puchong, where patient are greeted by a AABIOS state of the art registration counter that  redefine the image of a traditional dental clinic with a new spectrum of design with natural imitation counter and translucent glass block for lighting penetration and coziness of of the patients. Furthermore, the Client logo has been crafted on the registration counter and its shape.

AABIOS Design Dental Clinic Renovation Design and Build Medicap Dental Clinic Waiting Area

3D illustration ofWaiting Area with Artificial Green wall at MEDICAP Dental Clinic, Puchong

Breaking the norms for healthcare design, creating spaces that promote wellbeing and ease patient anxiety is a paramount consideration. A forward thinking approach by AABIOS Designers that is gaining prominence involves the integration of custom artificial green walls within dental clinic waiting areas as can be seen in our project for MEDICAP Dental Clinic, Puchong . This innovative design element not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to a soothing and rejuvenating patient experience.

The custom artificial green wall serves as a natural refuge within the clinical environment, offering a verdant oasis that engages the senses and calms the mind. Comprising meticulously crafted faux foliage, the green wall mirrors the beauty of nature while maintaining a maintenance free and evergreen allure. This biophilic design approach seeks to connect patients with nature, even in indoor settings, to create a sense of tranquility.

AABIOS Design Dental Clinic Renovation Design and Build Klinik Pergigian Kami Kami Dental Clinic Entrance Area

Entrance Area with Artificial Plants and pebble stones to elevate space at KAMI Dental Clinic, Subang Jaya

The therapeutic impact of the custom artificial green wall extends beyond aesthetics. Research suggests that exposure to nature inspired elements can have a profound effect on reducing stress levels and enhancing overall wellbeing. As patients await their appointments, the green wall provides a backdrop for relaxation, creating a seamless transition from everyday stress to a moment of reprieve.

Moreover, the custom artificial green wall aligns with the principles of patient centered care. It communicates a commitment to creating healing environments that prioritize the holistic needs of patients. By fostering a calming atmosphere, dental clinics can establish a more positive and patient centric image, where patient comfort is at the forefront of design considerations. The ambiance can be seen through AABIOS Design at KAMI Dental Clinic at Subang Jaya, where patient is greeted by artificial greeneries.

The utilization of artificial greenery also addresses practical concerns, as maintenance demands are minimized without compromising the aesthetic impact. This sustainable design choice ensures that the green wall retains its allure throughout the year, offering a consistent source of solace to patients irrespective of the changing seasons.

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