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Green Elegance that Elevate Interiors with Artificial Plant Placement

By Aqilah Hadirah  |  AUG 14, 2023 


AABIOS Design Happy Dental Clinic Design and Build renovation Artificial Greenwall with Neon LED

Artificial Greenwall with neon signage at Happy Dental, Masai, Johor

A journey of botanical refinement with artificial plant placement, a design approach that bestows 'Green Elegance' upon interior spaces. The strategic arrangement of artificial plants is an art form that can profoundly impact the atmosphere and aesthetics of interior environment. 

Full Height Grandeur with Green Wall

Imagine a living tapestry adorning your walls without any touch of arts, the allure of a green wall is unparalleled. By adorning specific walls with strategically placed artificial plants, you create captivating focal points that draw the eye and breathe life into the room. This technique adds depth to the design, heightening the overall visual appeal while introducing an organic, nature inspired element to the interior. This method has been implemented in our project at Happy Dental at Masai, Johor and with a fusion of Neon signage that elevate the space as a focal point.

AABIOS Design Greenwall Planterbox SALIHIN Group Headquarters HQ Gombak

Artificial plant with different layering and level at SALIHIN Headquarters (HQ) Gombak, Selangor

Versatile Planter Boxes

Planter boxes emerge as veritable works of art, offering a versatile canvas to showcase design ingenuity and an imitation of outdoor environment. Encircling benches or accentuating feature walls with these customizable arrangements infuses an air of sophistication and creativity which brings a pinch of greeneries into the interior spaces. These planters effortlessly adapt to diverse styles and aesthetics, allowing breathable ambiance that resonates with space objective as can be seen in our works at SALIHIN Headquartes (HQ) at Gombak where the fusion of Artificial plants with wooden textured fluted panels at rounded seating area elevate the spaces functionality while soften the hardscape.

Decorative Stand Alones

Embrace the freedom of mobility with stand alone artificial plants. These portable greenery gems offer the flexibility to experiment with different placements and configurations, making it easy to refresh the ambiance whenever the mood strikes. Stand alones are ideal for areas where you seek to infuse greenery without obstructing pathways, adding touches of elegance without compromising functionality as can be seen in our works at Bayu Dental Clinic, Kids Area. 

AABIOS Design Bayu Dental Clinic Renovation Design and Build Kids Area

Stand Alone artificial plant complement in enhancing Kids Area ambiance at Bayu Dental Clinic, Bangi

Artful Fusion for Visual Symphony

Elevate your artificial plant design to an artistic level by embracing the concept of fusion by mixing various types of artificial plant which you can create a richly textured, multidimensional arrangement that mimics the complexity of nature. Experimenting with sizes, shapes, colors, and heights to orchestrate a visual symphony that adds depth and dynamism to your space as can be seen in our works at SALIHIN Corporate Center, Felda Tower.

In the pursuit of 'Green Elegance,' remember that the objective is to harmoniously integrate the beauty of artificial plants into your indoor sanctum. The result is an immersive, nature-inspired haven that transcends the ordinary, enriching your surroundings with timeless allure and sophistication. The art of artificial plant placement allows you to curate a truly unique and captivating environment, turning your interior spaces into vibrant expressions of 'Green Elegance.'

AABIOS Design Artificial Greenwall SALIHIN Group Felda Tower with Gold Signage

Artificial Green Wall with SALIHIN Gold Logo at SALIHIN Corporate Centre, Felda Tower 

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